Goldie Hawn向Kate Hudson致敬的生日致敬 – 见可爱的照片

周二,Goldie Hawn用年轻女演员童年时代的甜蜜照片庆祝女儿的37岁生日.

凯特 Hudson, Goldie Hawn
Kate Hudson,Goldie Hawn美联社

从一个奥斯卡奖提名者到另一个,霍恩(1970年提名为“仙人掌花”)选择了回归方法,发布了一张哈德森的可爱宝贝照片(2001年被提名为“Almost Famous”).

“生日快乐,我唯一的女孩!”读了霍恩的标题,伴随着几周大的哈德森的照片。 “谢谢你让我来成为你!闪耀的光芒充满欢乐。我爱你。”

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一天后,哈德森用她自己的Instagram帖子庆祝了这个重要的日子,展示了自己的朋友和一些“生日冥想” – 完成了“意图设定,流泪,笑声实现,然后一些,以及足够的爱在一个循环持续很多生命。“


“甚至我的朋友有时也会这样,”凯特,你必须停止谈论你的生活。我想,’为什么?’我不能把事情搞定,真的,“她告诉E!上周末新闻。 “我从来没有觉得我必须向妈妈隐瞒任何东西。如果有的话,她一直都是我的红颜知己。”

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On this day in the clouds I'm sure// A man had a plan for the twenty first// He took a sweet soul and said its time my dear// You must go back down to share your cheer// Your beauty will please// Your laughter will spread// You may even meet a man and be thirty years unwed// To many you will be their rising muse// And light will bath you in golden hues// So, with excitement she went back down to the earth// To meet her old friends, Laura Hawn to rebirth// She had no clue on that day what would be// And day by day it seemed God made her special in some way// She never seemed to follow in line// Always a bit on the outside, goofy by design// She danced her own beat// Played her own drum// Shook the worlds axis a bit being seemingly dumb// But dumb she was not// Smart as a whip// And her beauty was something many found hard to resist// But she had one desire that grew with the years// To be happy she says, to be happy without fear// People laughed in her face and said don't be so silly// But she paid no mind to those who could not see as clearly// She may not have remembered that day in the clouds// But her message is pure and of the touch of God// Find your joy she says, what brings you joy// Live fearlessly facing the sun// Bath gently under the moon// Love all around you// Laugh till you cry// Cry till you laugh// We live till we die// She says live with all your might! 💪 Happy 70th Mama I LOVE YOU ❤️ #MamaGoldie #70 #LiveWithAllYourMight #LoveMyMama #EllieGoulding #Army

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凯特 Hudson, Goldie Hawn


凯特 Hudson, Goldie Hawn

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凯特 Hudson, Goldie Hawn


凯特 Hudson, Goldie Hawn


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